Over the years, the dining table has become a social culinary element in every family and hence the need to develop advanced opening mechanisms.

These mechanisms allow the dining table to be easily and effectively increased without the need to change the living environment.

"Harap Slides" is leading the Israeli dining tables industry through the development of new models and mechanisms.


Currently, "Harap Slides" cooperate with POTTKER Germany factories and developed ultra-smart slides models for the Israeli market.

In addition to German quality and innovative functionality, there are also surprising price levels.


"Harap-Slides" together with POTTKER Germany also developing registered



There is no doubt that the dining table industry in Israel is facing a successful upgrade, POTTKER-HARAP is a winning combination.


"Harap Slides" is the largest and oldest factory for dining table slides in Israel.


Our factory at 4 Shoken St. Tel Aviv operate since 1958 for more then 60 years!


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